My furbaby suffers no more!!!

Many of us have our own four legged babies, above is a photo of Trinity about 5 years ago. There comes a time in our furry friends lives when we have to accept that they are getting older and are slowing down, or so I thought. This was where I was with my little girl. She is 12 years old now and over the last few months has become less engaged, and was starting to struggle physically. I chalked it up to age and thought well that’s just how it is.

She stopped jumping up in the car. She stopped getting in the car window. Mind you this is her most favorite thing to do in the whole world. It got to where I was wondering if I should stop taking her on car rides – as I am sure it was depressing to her to not be able to get in the window and feel that breeze on her cheek – something she has loved so much since she was a pup.

Then I got involve in doTERRA. As I learned about the products one really took hold of my mind. Turmeric, I all of a sudden remembered my shaman sharing with me how she gave it to her dog whom had arthritis and how it had helped him so much. I figured it is worth trying!

I ordered a bottle and waited patiently until it arrived. When I saw it in my post box – I got a big grin on my face thinking how my little one may soon be able to enjoy her car rides once again.

I put 3 drops into her water feeder (it holds a ½ gallon), and watched. I noticed that she got her smile back. It was as though she was no longer suffering and that she was enjoying life again. Usually she likes to play with her squeaky toys – but for a while now she has not played with her bell ball (in the video). I figured well lets give it a try – she seems to be feeling better.

See how she is doing now:



I can not tell you how happy this makes me. She means the world to me and making her happy, makes me happy. She is getting up there in age and I don’t want her to just survive – I want her to enjoy her life.

Thanks to doTERRA she is again enjoying life, her toys and her car rides once again.

 Suggestion: If your interested in using turmeric for your furbaby, first have your baby smell the oil. If they respond in a positive way that it is very likely that it will benefit them to use. Should they respond negatively to it - it would be better not to try it at that time. You can always try again on another day. Furbabies have a very sensitive nose - they will know if it is good for them. Trust them - furbabies do not lie.